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This is so important it has to go onto my goddamn dreamwidth so I'll remember it and have a place to access it :

- ANIME EXPO PREP. (which will have individual notes)
- KATAWA SHOUJO illustration
- Portfolio + Button Binder
- Prep Portfolio with Commission Info + Prints
- Buy a 1.75 Hole Puncher, have buttons ready for Karen.
- MAYBE??? Santa Clara Japan Expo??? (September) -- going as con goer, not as an artist.
- Pay Bills lol
- buy new pens + hole puncher (small)
- Order more Business Cards
- Order new/more prints.
- Finish Disgaea Print
- Almaz and Hime mini print (not doing it yet)
- Fushimi and Yata MiddleSchool print
- Buttons! New Buttons!! (10+ designs?) SEMI-DONE
- Disgaea Buttons!!
- New Keychains (10 designs?) ((UGH NO WHERE NEAR DONE))
- Maybe buy a summer dress because jesus fuck it's hot. can'tt afford it atm
- Pay Taxes for Fanime

I have thirty days.
Let's do this.

FIRST MILESTONE - June 10th (pay day) JUNE 12TH WOW off by two days :(


Sep. 3rd, 2012 10:41 am
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Me this morning.
My hair was just doing this weird birdo thing.

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w o w

This is a post of every drawing of Edel and Lawrence I have made so far in 2012.
thinks I don't draw Edel and Lawrence anymore



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I'm trying to remember how to write posts about myself on here. Hold on, you guys, this may take a couple of tries. I'm currently at work, but I'm taking a break at the moment. Oh god, I've been drawing playfields for five and a half hours. I need to rest these eyes sometimes, dang.

I'm not resting them right now though! No!

Humn. Life has been pretty good lately? I'm not sure where to really start, to be honest. I won't be going to school this semester because I want to focus on my new job and save up money, but I'll have to start paying my student loan off from CSUN. I don't mind, once that's paid off I'll be pretty debt free and that's something to live for.

I am thinking of going to the Design Concept Academy. It'll either be this fall semester or next semester, it really depends on how my finances look like. Now that I have money I am a little fickle about spending it (beyond mochas. God, I need to let up on the mochas. I say that as I sip one... )

I went to an art gallery showing this weekend with friends.
Drove around Alhambra.
Drove around Pasadena

I'm thinking we should go to the beach soon? The beach sounds nice, doesn't it? I feel I just don't know how to relax lately, so I just keep working. Working on work, working on my comic and other little drawings.

Speaking of art, I want to start drawing in sketchbooks more. My art is just feeling really strange and- well, hmm, I'm not sure if it's stagnating or I'm just feeling a little frustrated. I wish I could go ahead and just draw beautiful illustrations but finding the time has proven to be difficult. I'm still getting used to working forty hours a week, I suppose. You kind of have to shift your time around and sacrifice a little. I don't like to go out as often anymore and I want to be a little more frugal, seeing how expensive gas is getting...

... but I still want to go to the beach.

So yeah, art. Art art art, my life is about art. Who would have thought? If I saw myself oh- four years ago, I don't know if I'd see myself as the same person.
Time flies and I'm- well, I'm pretty much older than a lot of my friends now. That's okay. I want to do stuff that makes me happy, I want to work on my story and just do what it takes to get myself out there and enjoy myself.

This post had purpose and meaning but I honestly forgot what it was.
I need to practice drawing more, that's for sure- on paper, I mean. I can't believe how different I draw on one medium to another.

I want a studio! Well, I want somewhere where I can watercolor. I love watercoloring, but it's super hard to find the time to do it, isn't it...

Gosh, I'm sorry this is so broken up. Talk to me! I hope you guys are doing well.
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Alright you cool dudes are you ready for some art
I bet you are

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My new job is lovely and I'm really happy with it and I hope they keep me and, and and-
I might ask Macy's to put me On-Call. Macy's is where I normally worked until now, but I can't even imagine going back to Macy's after working here. I still want to keep the job so I can have my benefits and discounts, but they're trying to hock 20 hours out of me in the coming weeks and I don't think I can really do that!! I'm working 40 hours at my other job!!

I really hope they keep me.
I hope I'm a good employee and I hope they see potential in me and I hope I hope I hope I hope.

I told myself that if
I stabilize and keep my job
and get everything in order

I'll start my webcomic finally.
I'm so scared and I really have been finalizing things about it lately but right now I'm so scared.

Here's some drawings I did today/recently :

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May Time

May. 19th, 2012 11:53 am
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I'm freaking out about Anime Expo LOL
- Already have my seller's permit
- sent five prints and 2 bookmarks to print (I hope they come out well)
- working on buttons
- working on more bookmarks/prints
- working on commissions
- school and work
- hoping to apply to jobs

If Anime Expo goes well I really want to use the money to take a class at the Concept Design Academy.

Speaking of which, here's my art blogger/portolio.

And here's stuff I've worked on the past few weeks :

Warning these are all Super Duper Huge

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I know, it's been a while.
... It's been so long I forgot my password and I locked myself out of my main account on dreamwidth/livejournal. Whoops...

What's been up:

1. Online Portfolio
2. Job finding and Working
3. School and Art

I've been trying to improve myself and make an art portfolio, so I worked on that one this weekend. I've been... in and out of work lately. I had a bit of an incident last Sunday with a customer trying to get my cellphone number and continuously calling me at work and I just felt really uncomfortable and had to go to security about it. He's an older guy and I don't go to work to feel uncomfortable. It might just be that he's being nice because I helped him, but it honestly was unwarranted and I wish he wouldn't do that. I don't like 'owing' people and I don't like it when people talk about helping me with my career. I understand that we need to have connections and it's who you know, but this guy is not in the industry. He just "knows" people and that's really fishy and not okay.

Right, so that's what's going on at work. I'm just incredibly dissatisfied, but what can I expect? I work retail, and it's really starting to wear me down. I'm going to try to build a portfolio and I really want to do some internships this year and go to the design academy. I really want to improve myself and I'm scared I just don't have what it take. I'm scared...

I'm still going to my local college but I've been kind of floozy about it this semester. I hope I can just keep up going to class and keep myself up and over water. It's just been really hard lately.

Swammi went to Japan for two weeks. She had a lot of fun.
I feel bad for feeling bad about not being able to go and instead having to work, but I need to really cover my bills as best as possible. I hate living week by week with no money, but I really want to pay the car and insurance...

Art wise, everything I've done is posted on tumblr.

Thanks for listening, everyone. I'm sorry I haven't written anything intelligent or even worthwhile lately. I'll do my best to get better.

hi everyone

Mar. 9th, 2012 02:25 pm
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Hi everyone, I've been working on prints to sell for Anime Expo lately. I'm going to have gifts for friends who visit me at my table too, so if you guys are there please feel free to say hi! I'll post about it as it gets closer, but it's my first year actually selling my art so I'm really nervous but excited.

Uhm, that's about it. I think I've forgotten how to draw my own OCs though:

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Feb. 26th, 2012 09:57 am
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Things to do:
- Finish Commissions [Top Priority]
- Anime Expo Prints
- Pay off Best Buy Credit Card
- Focus. Building a portfolio and improving myself.

It's been a while.
I don't want to sound like I have so many periods of going up and down emotionally, but I understand that's the impression I give and what I actually do LOL I had such a great birthday, I really want to thank everyone who was so kind to shower me with gifts and just wish me a happy birthday!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about art and what it means to me. I honestly don't have an answer for it, unfortunately. Marketing myself, spending money on printing out art and just trying to make it look as good as it possibly can be... it's all really hard. I don't know what I'm going on about, but putting myself out there is really tiring. My major factor at the time is work and of course, monetary issues.

I'm hoping to take on more commissions in the future to pay off my Best Buy credit card, but for now I'm just going to try to live each day one on one.

Today I work 12:00 until 7:00pm, and then I have school tomorrow. I'm going to try to really work myself to the bone tomorrow. I want to really get far.

Here's some stuff I've drawn since my birthday:

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I think I'll feel better once I'm actually able to sit down and do such without interruptions.
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Here's some art from the past few days regurgitated onto a livejournal post:

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Working a long shift in the home department today. I'm not looking very forward to it simply because it's hard to 'straighten up' or keep oneself busy in this department. And yet, you still have to look busy and be ready to help any customers that happens to come within your range LOL

Drawings I've done recently :

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I've been battling feelings of anxiety, I don't think I'm necessarily sad, per say, just utterly scared and worried about the future. I'm working my job and trying to find a better job and a better meaning to my life, but sometimes it's hard to not want to take your nails to your throat.

It takes small steps to get over the giant hill.
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mock-book illustrations

I am pretending Solstoria is a light novel and thus would require such illustrations
Warning - these are huge :

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oh god why am I still awake I'm such a wuss

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Hi everyone,
I went to Disneyland yesterday.

It was fun but really tiring. I'm not a park person but I rode it out for my tomodachis. I bought fudge and strawberry churros because it was Three Kings Day. My mom will probably be angry at me for not taking any pictures but I really look very blah when I go out. I'm sorry, mother.

Anyway, here's some stuff I've been working on :

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