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Alright you cool dudes are you ready for some art
I bet you are

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My new job is lovely and I'm really happy with it and I hope they keep me and, and and-
I might ask Macy's to put me On-Call. Macy's is where I normally worked until now, but I can't even imagine going back to Macy's after working here. I still want to keep the job so I can have my benefits and discounts, but they're trying to hock 20 hours out of me in the coming weeks and I don't think I can really do that!! I'm working 40 hours at my other job!!

I really hope they keep me.
I hope I'm a good employee and I hope they see potential in me and I hope I hope I hope I hope.

I told myself that if
I stabilize and keep my job
and get everything in order

I'll start my webcomic finally.
I'm so scared and I really have been finalizing things about it lately but right now I'm so scared.

Here's some drawings I did today/recently :

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May Time

May. 19th, 2012 11:53 am
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I'm freaking out about Anime Expo LOL
- Already have my seller's permit
- sent five prints and 2 bookmarks to print (I hope they come out well)
- working on buttons
- working on more bookmarks/prints
- working on commissions
- school and work
- hoping to apply to jobs

If Anime Expo goes well I really want to use the money to take a class at the Concept Design Academy.

Speaking of which, here's my art blogger/portolio.

And here's stuff I've worked on the past few weeks :

Warning these are all Super Duper Huge

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Feb. 26th, 2012 09:57 am
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Things to do:
- Finish Commissions [Top Priority]
- Anime Expo Prints
- Pay off Best Buy Credit Card
- Focus. Building a portfolio and improving myself.

It's been a while.
I don't want to sound like I have so many periods of going up and down emotionally, but I understand that's the impression I give and what I actually do LOL I had such a great birthday, I really want to thank everyone who was so kind to shower me with gifts and just wish me a happy birthday!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about art and what it means to me. I honestly don't have an answer for it, unfortunately. Marketing myself, spending money on printing out art and just trying to make it look as good as it possibly can be... it's all really hard. I don't know what I'm going on about, but putting myself out there is really tiring. My major factor at the time is work and of course, monetary issues.

I'm hoping to take on more commissions in the future to pay off my Best Buy credit card, but for now I'm just going to try to live each day one on one.

Today I work 12:00 until 7:00pm, and then I have school tomorrow. I'm going to try to really work myself to the bone tomorrow. I want to really get far.

Here's some stuff I've drawn since my birthday:

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I think I'll feel better once I'm actually able to sit down and do such without interruptions.
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Here's some art from the past few days regurgitated onto a livejournal post:

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Working a long shift in the home department today. I'm not looking very forward to it simply because it's hard to 'straighten up' or keep oneself busy in this department. And yet, you still have to look busy and be ready to help any customers that happens to come within your range LOL

Drawings I've done recently :

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I've been battling feelings of anxiety, I don't think I'm necessarily sad, per say, just utterly scared and worried about the future. I'm working my job and trying to find a better job and a better meaning to my life, but sometimes it's hard to not want to take your nails to your throat.

It takes small steps to get over the giant hill.
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mock-book illustrations

I am pretending Solstoria is a light novel and thus would require such illustrations
Warning - these are huge :

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oh god why am I still awake I'm such a wuss

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Hi everyone,
I went to Disneyland yesterday.

It was fun but really tiring. I'm not a park person but I rode it out for my tomodachis. I bought fudge and strawberry churros because it was Three Kings Day. My mom will probably be angry at me for not taking any pictures but I really look very blah when I go out. I'm sorry, mother.

Anyway, here's some stuff I've been working on :

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Happy 2012 everyone!

There's two drawings here, one is safe for work and the other is kind of... well, I'll explain.

Samantha and Royce )

I suppose it'd dependent on context more than visuals, but basically there's implied abuse in this doodle set. At first, I just wanted to draw bondage and then well, it turned to beating up boys both mentally and physically.

Lawrence, Edel )

freak outs

Dec. 30th, 2011 12:20 pm
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New Years Resolution

I want to finish works, I want to have a professional mindset when it comes to art. I want to improve myself and be happy with who I am and what I do.


Let's not talk about that.

I do not think I can afford it this semester, but I've decided to step up my game and enroll in the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, CA. Unfortunately the classes are really expensive, but if I work really had at work and save money and pay off bills I think I can really do this. I'm still hoping for an internship at a local company, but I might branch out more too.

I'm hoping to branch out to do game concept work, interface design, and pretty much wherever these drawing hands can take me.

Concept Design Academy

My class schedule for my local school is currently as follows:
- Figure Drawing (retake)
- Watercolor (retake)

No new classes this semester, just going to try to enhance craft. Craft? Can I call this craft?
I think I might drop out of roleplay altogether too, mostly to just keep myself focused and alert. Work, School, Career hunting.

Maybe at some point this year I'll even go on and post a sketchbook...

Car Payment

I know this post is already really disjointed but I'm about to disjoint it even more with saying that I had the greatest scare of the day so far in terms of my car payment. Oh my goodness. I thought my car payment was due today, but no! It was due yesterday, so Ford scolded me by telling me PAYMENT PAST DUE in red, large letters and basically they added this current month's payment with next month's payment and seeing 600 dollars due on a car payment is enough to give anyone a heart attack. (Unless you drive a lexus and that is just the standard monthly payment on those fuckers.)

Man, I can't wait for tax refund time.

I need to pick up more hours and try to find time to draw while working. My art... I don't know how to feel about you, but I really want to push you to the limits. Please allow met o do such.

Good Things that Happened This Year

- New Car
- Got to see snow for the first time in years.
- Finding what I want to do in art/life for the time being.
- Worked on Solstoria a lot. Have a bit I want to do, but it's getting there.
- Have a somewhat stable job
- Have a good year with my dumbass SO
- Roleplayed and it was good.
- Played Dragon Nest and that is a lot of fun
- I know a lot of great people, just wonderful, great people
- Anime Expo.
- Got to hang out with GG a lot this year. :>
- Nothing really bad happened??
- swammi didn't get deathly sick this year. Amazingly enough.
- On birth control! No babies!

Things I want to do
- Finish Games. Seriously. Angie. Seriously.

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