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There are stories interwoven within each other. What starts out as something small quickly spirals into a deeper understanding of the world around these individuals. Each one lives a different life, but they each affect the lives of those around them. In this country, St. Helena created a land hinged between the wastelands of magic and the deserts of the moon. She and her people are gifted in not only being humans, but also in being creatures that absorb the magic around them. Some are born with a greater growth than others... but with such a gift comes responsibility. Those who can't control or understand the knowledge and power they possess grow fearful and eventually, grow mad.

In seeing the suffering of others, St. Helena created a land of reform, of mental health and stability where there was once only shakey grounds. Her great wisdom continues to soothe the souls of her people. Slowly, the people have evolved politically, economically, and magically.

St. Helena herself was a nurse of a common, gentle background. Regardless of the path others have walked, she believed that each person felt sadness, pain, and suffering. She wanted nothing more than to provide education and medicine to those who desired it, and thus her kingdom was created through a set of reforms and roles of leadership. As St. Helena stands now, it is a country focused on the medicinal, science, and magical fields. It is within it's walls that people grow and flourish. Here, the arts of alchemy are used to provide doctors and patients with day-to-day medicine, the sciences are used to provide a better standard of living for the vast majority, and the fields of education bloom unlike any other country.

Of course, no country is perfect. With every expectation there comes doubt, fear, and uneasiness. Children are born every day, each will serve it's country in one way or the other. With how fast paced the country is becoming, it's easy to let one or two individuals slip between the system. Even now, there are reports of mental breakdowns and suicides. Those who can not keep up or are of unhealthy mind are often seperated and treated differently. It's not to say that the individuals themselves are at fault, it is just a fault that this glorious kingdom has in maintenance. With so much development, how to cope with changes and failures... well, it hasn't really been thought about before.

Now then, why don't we take a look at the children who reside in Helena? Why, there's some outside of the city's walls, and some who have never even left them! There are foreigners to this kingdom, and natives who frankly can't seem to find their way around it.

This is a tale of some of those children and of their successes and failures. We can only hope that they, in their struggles to live a normal and healthy life in this magical world, will come out on top and each gain their own happy ending.

Praise to St. Helena, you are welcomed into her arms.

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