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Ah jeez I haven't posted in a while UGH. The last week or so I was mostly dogsitting so I was using my laptop, things always feel a bit odd there. NOT REALLY AN EXCUSE BUT THAT'S WHAT WAS GOING ON ANYWAY

I still can't stop playing Breath of the Wild aaaaa

Anyway I should really try to catch up on Handplates comics since there's been a few and a lot of major plot stuff is happening now, haha. There should be... six comics I think, along with a few extras. God I bet this is going to be long. I'm glad some of you guys out there do enjoy reading these! There's a lot of background info and trivia about each one there isn't really an easy place to put otherwise... I mean you can't have like a page of info for a description on Tumblr, that'd be ridiculous. And on Dev it seems like half the time people don't even read the description, haha. SOMETIMES IT'S IMPORTANT GUYS.

Monsters of a sort one might not expect )

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