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Knight Commander Alhena : What is it, Samantha?
Samantha : Uhm, well, I was wondering...
Samantha : I wanted to ask you if you had any local tasks you needed help with.
Samantha : I- I mean, I would look myself, but I don't want to be too
far away in case O-Oksana..
Alhena : Princess Oksana, while you're in court, Samantha.
Samantha : P-Princess Oksana is tending to her mother!
Alhena : Ah, so you want some extra work between your studies?
Samantha : Yes, please. If it's not too much trouble.
Alhena : [ She sighs while placing her hand on her hip. ]
Alhena : You might not like it.
Samantha : Oh, no! There isn't much I don't like, Knight Commander!
Alhena : Hmn...
Alhena : I suppose your unique talent could be of use to Clementia.
Samantha : ... Cl-Clementia?
Samantha : [Sheepishly, mostly to herself.] ... That's a pretty name...
Alhena : It is, but don't catch yourself saying that in front of you.
Alhena : She's mighty tough with that thurible of hers.
Alhena : And ill-tempered.
Alhena : ... Are you still sure? It's definitely within the city walls...
Samantha : Oh, yes! Please!
Alhena : I like your enthusiasm, but don't say I didn't warn you,
alright? [ She smacks Samantha in the back playfully, but it nearly
causes her to topple over. ]

Alhena : This is it.
Samantha : Eh? Eh! It's the cemetery...!
Alhena : Haha, are you scared?
Samantha : I've never been to one! Oh!
Alhena : Hey!
Alhena : Hold on now, don't just go walking in like that. What if you attract a-
Alhena : Well, I guess it wouldn't really matter in your case...
Samantha : It wouldn't be the first time...
Alhena : Hmn? Oh that's right, you mentioned it in your report.
Alhena : That crazy alchemist guy? Yeah, Ruben Giles isn't someone you
really want to hang around.
Samantha : Did you know him, Knight Commander?
Alhena : Ha ha! Me? I was a wee lass when he offed himself! Heavens, no!
Alhena : Everyone knew of him and his studies, but that all kind of
goes away when you commit murder and suicide.
Alhena : What an unfortunate soul.
Samantha : Mmn...
Samantha : I'm surprised I can see ghosts, honestly...
Alhena : You were near a witch, their presence resonates off magical beings.
Alhena : Otherwise the world is probably really plain and boring when
you're alone. No magic to interact with the world, you're kind of an
Alhena : ... an enigma that could prove useful here.
Samantha : Oh! Oh, that's right, we're going to meet Miss Clementia!
Alhena : Y...Yes, that's right.
Alhena : Mind your manners now, will you?
Samantha : Yes, ma'am!
Alhena : Good! Good, that's a start.
Samantha : Hmn...

??? : Did you bring a warrant, Knight Commander?
Alhena : !
Samantha : Oh!
Alhena : Don't need one!
Alhena : How can an old lady move so quietly...
Alhena : What Ho, Lady Clementia! Please, do not confuse us for your
wandering souls!
Clementia : Cut the crap, Hannah. No warrant, no service. I have
better things to do than-
Alhena : I-I'm I-I'm answering your commission post, milady!
Clementia : What, that old thing?
Clementia : You're going to be my guard?
Clementia : Fired from your job, were you?
Alhena : C-Clementia...
Samantha : N-No! Knight Commander Alhena is the best there is!
Samantha : I- I wanted to help you, Miss Clementia.
Clementia : ...
Clementia : You're kidding me. Hannah?
Alhena : Alhena.
Clementia : Hannah, she's what, ten?
Samantha : Uhm...
Alhena : Twelve.
Alhena : ... and a half.
Clementia : Forget it. Get out of here.
Clementia : I'd rather deal with that necromancer than babysit some little-
Alhena : Zero-grade!
Alhena : She's a zero-grade, Clementia!
Clementia : ...
Clementia : Come again?
Alhena : I just said it twice...
Clementia : I heard you, numbskull.
Clementia : ...
Samantha : Ahh... I'm sorry, I didn't...
Clementia : Kid's got a weapon?
Alhena : I don't know. Why don't you ask her?
Clementia : Insolent brat.
Samantha : I-I do, Miss Clementia.
Clementia : Not just any weapon, child.
Samantha : I- I have a mana gem!
Clementia : ...
Alhena : Samantha.
Alhena : Don't forget what I told you.
Alhena : She might be old, but she won't think twice to scare a little
girl out of her rare weapon.
Clementia : I can hear you, Hannah.
Alhena : Yeah, that's all you ever hear...
Alhena : Ghosts don't like being hit by mana gems, but they're still
attracted to them. So just cooperate with Clementia and things will be
fine, understood?
Samantha : Uhm...
Alhena : Clementia.
Clementia : You're still here?
Alhena : She's a royal knight under your service for today.
Alhena : Please bring her back in one piece.
Alhena : I'll fine you this time, I swear.
Alhena : And it'll be a big fine, she's one of our poor kids!
Alhena : ...
Alhena : Think of how it could make the knights look if a scholarship
student was killed!
Clementia : Shut up and get out of here already.
Clementia : Let's og, Samantha.
Samantha : Oh! Oh okay! Uhm, bye, Knight Commander! I'll be back in one piece!
Alhena : Please do.
Samantha : S-So we're going to whack ghosts?
Clementia : Something like that.
Clementia : ...
Clementia : A zero-grade, huh?
Samantha : T-That's right, Miss Clementia!
Clementia : Oh, this might actually be fun.
Samantha : Y-Yes! I... I think...?
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