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I know, it's been a while.
... It's been so long I forgot my password and I locked myself out of my main account on dreamwidth/livejournal. Whoops...

What's been up:

1. Online Portfolio
2. Job finding and Working
3. School and Art

I've been trying to improve myself and make an art portfolio, so I worked on that one this weekend. I've been... in and out of work lately. I had a bit of an incident last Sunday with a customer trying to get my cellphone number and continuously calling me at work and I just felt really uncomfortable and had to go to security about it. He's an older guy and I don't go to work to feel uncomfortable. It might just be that he's being nice because I helped him, but it honestly was unwarranted and I wish he wouldn't do that. I don't like 'owing' people and I don't like it when people talk about helping me with my career. I understand that we need to have connections and it's who you know, but this guy is not in the industry. He just "knows" people and that's really fishy and not okay.

Right, so that's what's going on at work. I'm just incredibly dissatisfied, but what can I expect? I work retail, and it's really starting to wear me down. I'm going to try to build a portfolio and I really want to do some internships this year and go to the design academy. I really want to improve myself and I'm scared I just don't have what it take. I'm scared...

I'm still going to my local college but I've been kind of floozy about it this semester. I hope I can just keep up going to class and keep myself up and over water. It's just been really hard lately.

Swammi went to Japan for two weeks. She had a lot of fun.
I feel bad for feeling bad about not being able to go and instead having to work, but I need to really cover my bills as best as possible. I hate living week by week with no money, but I really want to pay the car and insurance...

Art wise, everything I've done is posted on tumblr.

Thanks for listening, everyone. I'm sorry I haven't written anything intelligent or even worthwhile lately. I'll do my best to get better.
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